DNA Gensee - Traçabilité par l'ADN et contrôle d'authenticité

DNA Gensee, a vegetal DNA analysis laboratory

DNA Gensee helps all manufacturers using plants and/or algae to produce the healthiest, most natural, and authentic products possible.

Our activity relies on a DNA analysis laboratory to identify the plant species present in your raw materials, ingredients, and finished products, on the one hand, and an R&D team for the construction and management of R&D projects, on the other hand.

The genetic analyses carried out will enable you to guarantee the botanical authenticity and even geographical origin, and to ensure the traceability, safety, and quality of the natural extracts you use.

DNA Gensee uses innovative molecular biological facilities allowing blind analyses on highly processed products thanks to the unique genetic signature of each plant. Playing a central role in a technical, scientific, and botanical environment, DNA Gensee offers a complete range of services to give keys to solve your industrial problems.

Raw materials, Fresh, dried and/or grinded plants/algae


Mixtures and/or Ingredients and/or Finished Products

gelules et flacons

Research and Development (R&D) projects