Codif International and DNA Gensee : an innovative collaboration

Codif International, raw materials manufacturer for cosmetics ( works with the laboratory DNA Gensee, expert in DNA analysis, on identification and traceability of its raw products for safety issues. DNA barcoding is a powerful tool for botanical authenticity control. This innovative collaboration allowed to transpose new DNA technologies to the field of alga and marine…

Moving to new offices (Mid Sept 2016)

Since mid-September 2016, DNA Gensee’s team has left the incubator of Savoie Technolac to move into new offices more spacious and friendly. DNA Gensee moved closer to their laboratories on the 2nd floor of the Koala building. DNA Gensee’s new adress : 17 rue du Lac St André, 73370 Le Bourget du Lac

Next generation DNA sequencer

Next generation sequencer

To better meet our customers’ needs and offer new analyses opportunities, DNA Gensee has just acquired a next generation sequencer, world recognized technological gem, the first one in the Savoy area. The acquisition of this hightech equipment will significantly reduce the analysis delays and let generate a great number of genetic sequences with high reliability.