Frauds and adulterations, the coffee case !

Coffee Coffee is a hot drink known throughout the world and widely consumed. It comes from the coffee tree, of the genus Coffea, a tree of the Rubiaceae family (Hendre and Aggarwal, 2007). Many legends have been built around this drink, concerning the discovery of this plant. One of them says that a Yemen shepherd…

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DNA Vanilla

Genetic analyses to identify Vanilla species

Today, vanilla is one of the most sought-after spices in the world. It is widely used by the food, fragrances and cosmetics industries. But its popularity and the increased global warming (storm, drought…) have caused a drop in yields, which has led to an increase in prices and frauds. However, currently, consumers are increasingly vigilant…

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Algae evolution

Algae authenticity and traceability

A new analytical approach for authentication and traceability of plant & algae raw materials Example with algae used in the cosmetic domain Presentation at the PBS* of Nelly Dubrulle (DNA Gensee) & Pierre-Yves Morvan (Codif Technologie Naturelle) * Plant Based Summit, 22-24 May 2019, Cité De Congrès – Lyon – France Algae and microalgae are…

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Promotion of our Laboratory at IN-COSMETICS 2019

DNA Gensee could meet many actors of the Cosmetics market which expressed a strong interest for our DNA analyses technologies and the support proposed. Avoying frauds and contaminations in their supplies of plants/algae is a major challenge. Our diagnostics are accurate and valuable for our customers. Our studies are eligible to CIR, do not hesitate…

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Authenticity and genetic traceability in plants, example of figs

Genetic traceability in plants, example of figs: Presentation in COMET* by Dr. Philippe *Cosmetic Measurement & Testing (February 6-7 2019 – Cergy, France, Plants are one of the most important terrestrial organisms. Many plant species are interesting for their biological properties. This diversity is widely used by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. However, risks…

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Genetic analyses to identify citrus species

In winter, the seasonal fruits are citrus fruits. This plant group is composed of many botanical species ( Currently, their consumption is increasing because of their virtues and benefits on the human health ( However, there are many frauds and adulterations in citrus products. Consumers are increasingly responsive to their products composition. They are looking…

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Honey composition analysis

Honey composition analysis, a quality product

Today, honey is used by a large number of consumers in its raw state or through processed products from the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. However, in recent years, honey production in France has decreased: for example in 2017 when a decrease of 18.31% compared to 2015 was observed. Conversely, consumption remains stable, at around…

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